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The Management Team

Transgender Vacations is a brand of TGV Holidays, LLC. We are headquartered in Miami, Florida, with affiliate offices in London, United Kingdom.

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Stephanie Land

Originally from Texas, I am now living my authentic life in Miami, Florida. I am a Transgender and it has always been my life passion to work with the Transgender community to be advocate for their right to explore the world in a safe and enjoyable manner . I began my career in travel in 1995. My first job in the industry was as a Tour Operator in Dallas, TX. This quickly led to a love for travel and helping people explore the world. My vision for Transgender Vacations was to create a safe travel space that members of the Transgender community could find companionship, fun and adventure, while being mindful that traveling as a group offered a certain level of personal protection. Over the years my client base has grown to include many colors of the rainbow such as Transgender, Trans men, Cross Dressers, Inter-sexed, and Drag Queens, or any other alternative lifestyle. Anyone, who is fun, accepting and welcoming, with interest in exploring the world with other transgender clientele will always be welcome to join us.

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Marc Baron
Managing Director

Marc Baron is serial entrepreneur in the tourism and travel industry with successful projects such as resurrecting Puerto Rico International Airlines (Prinair) into a regional airline based in San Juan, Puerto Rico operating 30-passenger EMB-120s. Formerly, the President and Founder of Sea-Share Corporation, a company that developed, marketed and operated a fractional ownership program for luxury yachts in the late 1990’s. As Vice-President of Global DECP Corporation (OTCBB:GDEC) he was an innovator in the utilization of SPAC vehicles to purchase corporate assets in the luxury yacht sector. Marc’s interest in the maritime industries was borne from serving as a Naval Aviator and Mid-Grade Officer in the United States Navy, flying for VAQ-33 serving during Operation Desert Storm. Mr. Baron is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and School of Business, US Navy Electronic Warfare College, and Howard University. Marc has four children.

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Corporate Mission

Committed to helping the Transgender traveler explore the world

Transgender Vacations is a travel company that was borne from the need to have a authentic advocate in the tourism and hospitality sector that understands the unique challenges and experiences of the Transgender community. Stephanie Land, Founder and Transgender Social Activist, has been working as a professional in the travel industry for over 15 years.

Since the dawn of the new millennial the travel industry has used tools of technology, social media and peer-to-peer-based sharing to create new travel experiences, however ensuring that the traveler is welcomed and treated with respect has not been a primary concern or focus. The absence of cordiality, especially to the Transgender traveler, has unfortunately been pervasive.

If you are a Transgender that loves to travel, explore and visit exotic (and not so exotic) places, you have found a travel home with Transgender Vacations.

5 Reasons Why You Simply MUST Travel With Transgender Vacations.


 1. Experience Agent.

Being a Transgender myself, you will have the availability to work with someone with a similar background. We want to be free to express ourselves while on traveling. I m here to help you plan your next vacation getaway.

2. We offer a completely unique vacations experience.

Our trips are created specifically for “All” Transgender – and everyone we do designed to celebrate the Transgender lifestyle.

3. Our tours span the globe.

From Caribbean, Mediterranean cruises, All Inclusive Resorts Mexico & Caribbean, Europe to exotic places Italy, Greece, Paris & London, we have a vacation options to suit every need and interest.

4. One upfront price includes most everything!

5. Our tours are immersive and offer an endless array of activities.

You’ll visit historical landmarks as well as local markets. From a round of golf to scuba diving, a day at the spa, you’ll have a plenty of options to choose.



Business Service



As a member of the Transgender community and a professional travel agent – my career has been built upon providing the most comprehensive service for my selected client market.  Some of the advantages my clients receive by working with me are:

#1 Ability to provide the best options and prices.

It is not just about price. You, as a travel consumer, are looking to your travel agent to provide the best overall solution to your individual travel needs.

In today’s price conscious world we have a tendency to immediately think price is what sells and not necessarily taking time to ask the question to ask what the customer wants or needs.  We, at Transgender Vacations, take time to ask you exactly what you need.  We ask all of the questions –  dates, quality or location of accommodation or stateroom, cancellation policy, recreational amenities, the ease of doing business, – etc.   We know it is more than just price.

We value and respect the specific requirements of each of our clients, experience has taught us that no two clients are alike. What works for one may not work for another. We take the time to better understand our client, one at a time, ensuring their needs are met.

#2 Saving money.

Saving money is also not just about price. It is more about value. If the hotel was not the right location, if the cruise line was not the right cruise line, if the golf course was not the right golf course…it does not matter how much you saved. You will not be a happy traveler.

We want to save our client’s money, but not at the expense of delivery the vacation product they are expecting to receive.  So we focus on a more meaningful metric –  VALUE.

Our clients have told us that saving money is important only after the Value equation has been evaluated.

Value is what our clients are looking for. This is where we, your Transgender Travel Professional, provide a discernible difference. We know our clients and we ask them the correct questions upfront.  We recommend relevant offerings and also provide cost saving strategies – based upon the information that we have received during our one-on-one conversation.

Moving a date, changing the location of a room/cabin, being open to flight options, etc., all can save money. Nobody wants to pay more than necessary. We understand that in today’s environment, it is fashionable for customers to brag to their peers and friends how much they have saved, whether it is a hotel room, airline seat or cruise. Value perceived and received is critical – this is where Transgender Vacations can make all the difference in your travel experience.

#3 Product knowledge.

Our clients value the travel consulting service we provide because we excel at product knowledge. Product knowledge is the most important attribute next to the offering of pricing and product options. The teams at Transgender Vacations are travel experts – training and product knowledge is what makes us different – the travel needs of Transgender tourist is our only business.

We have chosen to narrow our scope in travel products and experiences to those that are of interest and importance to the Transgender community. We believe that this focus on our target market allows us to be the best in this market.

#4 Ability to answer questions about my safety/security.

Safety and security have always been top of mind of all leisure travelers. Unfortunately members of the Transgender community still encounter moments of intolerance. Consumers are seeking out safety/security information which provides them with up to date information on travel destinations. In the world we live in today, this is critical.

A client of Transgender Vacations will know that as responsible travel professionals we cannot make assumptions about any destination, especially international, without having the insight from up to date information, whether it is political, health related, terrorism, or weather related. And we know how rapidly this can change.

We make certain that our clients will travel to destinations and work with travel providers who will respect them, treat them with respect and ensure a safe environment.

#5 Saving time.

How is value measured today? It used to be price X quality equals value. However, now, it is price X quality X personalization divided by time and energy.

Consumers have no time. We live in a time deprived society. Six in ten leisure travelers do not feel they have enough vacation time. The value of working with a Transgender Vacation professional is our ability to provide a personalized travel experience at the right quality and price and most importantly, saving time and energy for our clients.

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Hijra is a marketplace specifically for our Transgender community.

We will connect Transgender people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, across the globe. Whether you are looking for a roommate for a cruise vacation, a friendly place to stay in a foreign city, or even a new friend to share dinner.   Hijra is a new way to connect and to share.

And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Hijra is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.





FocusDiva was originally set up as Diva Destinations in 2012. After 15 years of working in the travel industry I had gathered a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts across the world.

Being part of the LGBT community myself, I was interested in transferring all these elements into my own travel company and building something specific for our community. I know that mainstream travel agents rarely see being part of the LGBT community as an important consideration when booking a holiday.  By talking to us you know this is our top priority.

We offer quality tailor made holidays, group cruises and group holidays, with a personal service, where our community can speak openly to like-minded people. You can feel confident that all your holiday arrangements will be clearly communicated to your hotel, avoiding any misunderstanding during your holiday

The last 3 years have proved more successful than I could have hoped for and I know, from feedback from my many satisfied customers, that an LGBT travel agency has a real value in planning and booking holidays for our community. But, now it is time to move forward and develop the company further, yet ensuring we keep the same personal service we have built our reputation upon, as the driving ethos of our company.

By teaming up with Focus Travel, owned by Tony Childs, a long-standing friend and colleague, we have combined our specialist companies into one organisation, integrating our specializes and strengths, to re-brand Diva Destinations with the new division name of Focus Diva. Though the name is changing, let me assure you once again, our personal service is not.  This collaboration, I believe, opens up more opportunities for LGBT holidays for you, our loyal customers.  Focus Diva will remain a great LGBT Travel Company that sits in the hub of our community.


In October 2014, I featured on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show following the arrest of a gay British man in Morocco. This highlighted again our role in the community, offering advice to our clients on where and where not to travel if you want to be safe as well as open and relaxed during your holiday.

We look forward to looking after your future holiday arrangements.